Possessing a sense of caring for others and the confidence to know you can make a difference is critically important. Scientists have found positive changes in the brain for those who practice mindful meditation. These changes correlate with a renewed sense of overall good health, feelings of inner peace; a better ability to focus and self-regulate; and an increased capacity for compassion and kindness towards others. Together with Katherine McHugh, founder and executive director of Awaken Mindfulness & Resilience Training, we are pleased to share a series of videos introducing mindfulness. Katherine leads adults in guided meditations and we invite kids to meet Serena the frog at the Peaceful Pad and enjoy the benefits of mindful meditation.

Katherine McHugh

Katherine McHugh began studying and practicing mindfulness in 1987 after taking the original course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She has over a decade of experience teaching mindfulness in corporate, academic and diverse community settings. Her ability to be fully present, to listen deeply, and to guide the process with compassion and respect, creates an inspiring environment where real change can take place. You can learn more about Katherine here.

[For Educators] Digital Toolkit from Ashoka Start Empathy

Not Sure Where To Start? Read Our Digital Toolkit

The team of experts at Ashoka Start Empathy have produced a toolkit that is focused on empowering educators teaching elementary school children with a variety of activities and lesson plans that demonstrate and encourage empathy and kindness in action. Start Empathy is a global collaboration of social entrepreneurs, educators, parents and students – working to make empathy as essential as reading and math in education. Start Empathy emerged from Ashoka, the world’s founding organization of social entrepreneurship.

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